For most of human history, large amounts of food were not readily available. Our bodies came to expect periods of food scarcity.  Fasting, re-creating this experience of food scarcity, is an excellent way to counter the effects of modern society’s over-abundance of food.  So many of today’s health problems stem from nutritional issues. We are drowning in a sea of abundance.  Removing all food from your day is a radically effective way to jump-start a program of weight loss and healthy eating.

Fasting isn’t difficult if you use a program that has been designed to nutritionally support your body giving you the necessary micronutrients.  Lake Travis Wellness Center has a designed a fasting 5, 7, or 10 days cleanse program that will increase your feeling of well being and help with weight management.  You can still follow a normal daily routine while you are doing this program with the first and second days being the most difficult.  I normally advise people to clear their calendar of stressful situations since many of us are habituated to putting food in our mouths when we are stressed.  If you can do this, great.  But it is not necessary. There are many success stories of people that have managed to end long-term health issues using fasting.  If you are interested in this program and would like more information, please go to or call 512-825-0226.  Looking forward to a new you!