1. This week has truly shifted my life

    I have done many juice cleanses and retreats and have gotten results but they always seemed temporary. I was drawn to this retreat because of the colonic component – it seemed like a missing piece. I came seeking weight loss, and even though I lost 7 pounds in a week, it felt like just a nice byproduct of all I gained. I left Austin feeling like I had REALLY done a cleanse. I also left with …Read More

  2. Lake Travis Wellness Cleanse Retreat Testimonials

    The Lake Travis Wellness Center cleanse was a wonderful experience. Sure, some folks might not think of committing to a week of hard work and painful detoxing as wonderful- but anyone who finishes this cleanse will feel like a new person afterwards. Any discomfort is worth the payoffs- weight loss, more energy, a clearer mind, better sleep, and no more food cravings. The kindness and professionali…Read More

    Lake Travis Wellness Cleanse Retreat
  3. It was great!

    Karen, I wanted to thank you for you guidance thru my badly needed and successful cleanse. I thought the seven days would be hard, especially doing it on my own at home with the temptations to eat all around me. But the supplements, cleansing drinks, and cleansing powders were ample to keep me on task. Then the colonics. Not knowing what to expect and being fearful actually, I was amazed at wh…Read More

  4. You far exceeded my expectation

    Dear Karen, I wanted to pass along my most sincere thank you for a wonderful week at your wellness center. As you know, I was a little sceptical at first, but your program was a true transformation for me mentally, physically, nutritionally and spiritually. I was most impressed with the depth of your program and the team you have assembled. I learned so much about toxins, the importance of food …Read More

  5. I appreciated your personal touch

    Hello Karen, I just wanted to write and thank you for a great week at the Lost Parrot and Lake Travis Wellness Center. I arrived with some trepidation wondering what I had signed up for. I have learned so much. You have given me the tools to start on my own healthier journey. I really appreciated the variety of speakers and subject areas covered. Mel was amazing, loved her enthusiasm and ideas. Th…Read More

  6. Coming off of the cleanse was very easy

    After years of being envious of celebrities who have the time and resources to do a real cleanse, I decided to make time for myself and find someone to help me with a 7 day cleanse. I was lucky enough to find Karen at Lake Travis Wellness who helped me from step one with everything I needed for the full 7 days, as well as detailed information and encouragement. I went into the process with fear an…Read More

  7. This cleanse was the jump start I needed

    When I turned 50, my body moved into menopause, I started a job that required I sit at a desk 8-12 hrs per day and I slowly started to put on more weight each year over the next 6 years. Due to the long work hours and business requirements, I also developed the bad habit of eating out, over eating frequently and too late in the evening than was healthy. I was already overweight and have been off a…Read More

  8. One month later:

    One month later:  I'm still doing really great and each day seems to be getting better and better, so thanks again.…Read More

  9. This is a great place

    This is a great place. Easy to get in for a session. Free consultation. I got a lot of relief and lost some hard to lose weight with Karen's cleanse. Thanks so much.…Read More

  10. Very professional, knowledgeable therapist

    Very professional, knowledgeable therapist. Helped me immensely with my digestive problems and constipation. Goodbye bloating and gas. Thanks so much.…Read More