1. I will never forget that experience!

    I did Karen's cleanse retreat and had an incredible experience. I came in exhausted and overwhelmed at the idea of trying to regain my health. I'm 36 but felt like I was 50. I couldn't get through the day without resting in bed. I was having daily migraines and pain and numbness in my hands. I knew 2 years ago I needed to get away from sugar and processed foods but had not been able to do it on my…Read More

  2. We are both feeling and doing amazing!

    Hola Lady! We are both feeling and doing amazing! We had fun together making post clease healthy snacks throughout Thanksgiving and I enjoyed letting J do all the work while he cooked and prepared everything himself. I was support and clean up crew. We’re definitely on a refreshed and rejuvenated focus on our health. I am loving have no emotional eating desires and not much appetite at all. I ho…Read More

    Jennifer P.
  3. Thank you so much for all you do

    I am finally feeling good for the first time in my life!!! I was so tired of being so tired!! It seems that getting rid of the toxins also gets rid of all of those things that were plaguing me for so long ... allergies, low energy, skin problems, so many things. Thank you so much for all you do…Read More

    Marie D.
  4. You have taken so much pain out of my daily life

    You have taken so much pain out of my daily life. I am thankful for having found you. It's not 100% yet, but it will be sometime. I am going to give it a few more weeks of a mix of mild exercise, rest and stretching. And icing - I ice it every day. If I do not have full range of motion by the time I get back from Baltimore in early December, I will give Ken a call. I hope you have a good Thanksgiv…Read More

    Joseph E.
  5. I highly recommend her

    Karen's techniques at the Lake Travis Pain Clinic keep me going through my busy teaching and playing schedule. I highly recommend her. Keep up the good work.…Read More

    Chuck C.
  6. You have renewed my hope!!!

    Hey Karen! Thanks for fitting me into your schedule Wed am. It took about a day before I felt the results of our session but I can now tell a significant difference in my pain level and ROM. I would love to make a second appointment as soon as I get a free moment. You have renewed my hope!!! Thanks again.…Read More

  7. Amazing. Thanks.

    I came in with a leg swollen from ankle to knee and black and blue. I was able to play the entire basketball game after just one treatment on that same night. Amazing. Thanks.…Read More

  8. I highly recommend her services

    In August of 2004, I fell on a wet tile floor. As I was falling, I saw my legs extended out in front of me. Instantly I thought of landing on my bottom on that hard tile floor. I knew that if I did there would be a possibility that I could break a hip. Immediately I extended my right arm behind and downward to brace my fall. When I hit I felt intense pain in my right shoulder. I really thought I h…Read More

  9. Thank you so much

    Thanks Karen! After my soft tissue release session with you my arm felt like a million bucks the next day and it was the fastest recovery I have ever had for my shoulder. In fact, my shoulder felt a full range a motion once again. My throws from shortstop are not killing my elbow or shoulder anymore, and I'm throwing hard and flat again. Thank you so much, I'll tell my teammates about you!!!…Read More

    L. Neeley
  10. Get a Colonic and Get Healthy!

    Karen is knowledgeable in digestive issues, colon hydrotherapy and nutrition. While desperately searching for an end to my fight with candida, I found Karen's website and was hopeful. I met with her to discuss it and I later did her 5-day cleanse program with daily colonic therapy. After almost a year of battling candida and experiencing the after-effects of digestive issues for the majority of my…Read More