I did Karen’s cleanse retreat and had an incredible experience. I came in exhausted and overwhelmed at the idea of trying to regain my health. I’m 36 but felt like I was 50. I couldn’t get through the day without resting in bed. I was having daily migraines and pain and numbness in my hands. I knew 2 years ago I needed to get away from sugar and processed foods but had not been able to do it on my own which was very discouraging. I finally decided to do something that would help me get a jumpstart. Karen’s cleanse process is spot on. I felt so much better by the 3rd day. Her support throughout the process was so vital. Just spending time with her allowed me to learn so much! Being away from home for the retreat gave me a chance to reflect and heal, as well as completely avoid temptation. Karen was so attentive and knowledgeable throughout the process. I felt very comfortable with her. The massage and colonics she provided enabled me to detox less painfully than if I had been on my own. Her common sense suggestions for looking at my current schedule to figure out what was keeping me unhealthy were so helpful. Working on stretching, breathing and energy with Christine was a transformative experience. Karen even came to my house at the end and helped me go through my pantry and fridge to see what shifts we needed to make to continue to eat healthy whole foods more easily. I no longer have sugar cravings and I am able to continue to do my supported fast and cleanse at home. I will never forget that experience and I am so glad I did something for myself that I had been needing to do for a long time. Thank you Karen for all you did for me!