In August of 2004, I fell on a wet tile floor. As I was falling, I saw my legs extended out in front of me. Instantly I thought of landing on my bottom on that hard tile floor. I knew that if I did there would be a possibility that I could break a hip. Immediately I extended my right arm behind and downward to brace my fall. When I hit I felt intense pain in my right shoulder. I really thought I had broken my shoulder. Long story short, I did not break any bones. However, I did injure my right shoulder severely.I knew there was a great possibility that I may have surgery. I was unwilling to consider this if there was any other way to be made whole. I tried a couple of options. Karen Million was recommended to me. I went to see her and after the first visit, I thought my shoulder, as well as my whole body was coming apart with pain. Karen assured me that this was part of the process of healing. I had internal scarring that had to be broken up. This way, Karen reminded me, was the only way I was going to stay out of surgery and my shoulder would be able to heal. This process would also take time.Over a period of three to six months of continuous meetings with Karen Million and her Pain Clinic, my shoulder injury did indeed heal, just as she predicted. Today, three years later I have recovered about 97% mobility in my shoulder. Thank God and thank you Karen Million. I was able to stay out of surgery. Karen Million and her understanding of the human anatomy and just how it works has been a God-send in my life. I highly recommend her services.