At Lake Travis Wellness we offer the top of the line detox foot bath to all of our clients to help them purge many of the contaminants in their bodies. There are many benefits to a footbath including:

  • Purge heavy metals
  • A balanced pH level
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Liver, kidney, and parasite cleansing
  • Enhancing the immune system

The process is very simple. The system will pass electrical current through the water and into your body. The current will naturally latch onto heavy metals and toxins into the body and pull them out releasing them into the water. This process will energize your lymphatic system and re-energize your bloodstream. We have seen this process help with soreness, skin problems, menstrual cramps, sexual health problems and relieve stress. You will feel no pain during the process and they are actually incredibly relaxing.

Anyone can benefit from one of our footbaths. The only time we don’t recommend this treatment is who may have open wounds on their feet. Anyone who is feeling stressed or who may be taking medications that exert the liver, spleen or kidneys will benefit the most from our footbaths.

After the bath, our clients often feel more relaxed and focused due to the removal of all the toxins the body contains. Occasionally you may experience some fatigue. We recommend you stay hydrated and drink lots of water throughout the rest of your day after the session.

One Session is only $45!

Please call the office at (512) 825-0226 for more information and to request an appointment