"Through my 25 years in medical practice and healthcare, I have come to believe that the cleansing/ detoxification process is the missing link in Western nutrition and one of the keys to real healing."

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Cleansing Program

At Lake Travis Wellness Center, we offer specific cleanse programs designed to promote maximum detoxification in the shortest amount of time.  Our goal is to help individuals obtain better health through a variety of programs designed to rid the body of yeast and toxins.For each of our programs, you will receive ALL items necessary for the cleanse, including mixing containers, and personal support to aid you in accomplishing your goals. Other services are also available if requested during your cleanse.

What can you expect from a cleanse program?
A lot depends on your toxic level when you begin. Various factors such as poor diet, prescription medication, no exercise and exposure to a toxic environment lead to a build up of toxins in the tissues of the body. This can affect the functioning of the organs and tissues, leading in some instances to various ailments. The value of a cleanse program  is that it re-organizes your beliefs about food and your body. This usually is a permanent change, providing benefits and a tool for you to use for the rest of your life.
How long does it take?
As with all natural remedies, a colon program is not an overnight miracle.  But a good cleanse program puts you on a path to total maximum health which will last your entire life. We offer 7-Day Cleanse programs that you can do while you continue with you normal daily activities. You can still work, exercise and participate in your normal day because your body will be supported during the cleanse process.

Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss

Will I lose weight? A by-product of a successful Cleanse program is the rehabilitation of your digestive system.  When this is accomplished, you will begin to have fewer food cravings, find yourself feeling more satisfied with less food and healthier eating choices and your body can obtain a normal, healthy weight without the struggle and disappointment of dieting. You will have more knowledge of your own personal “triggers” that cause you to fail in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Please call the Lake Travis Wellness Center for a free 30-minute consultation. Our number is (512) 266-9105

Testimonials Karen is knowledgeable in digestive issues, colon hydrotherapy and nutrition. While desperately searching for an end to my fight with candida, I found Karen's website and was hopeful. I met with her to discuss it and I later did her 5-day cleanse program with daily colonic therapy. After almost a year of battling candida and experiencing the after-effects of digestive issues for the majority of my life, I FINALLY felt better. Let's be honest, the cleanse isn't cheap or fun and the colonics can be awkwardly weird but she makes you feel comfortable and tries to help you any way she can which makes the whole experience worth it. The difference between how you feel before and after a colonic is truly astounding. The one day I walked in not feeling well - dizzy, hot, irritable, bloated, and overall negative - and I left happy, energetic and feeling fantastic. I practically skipped out of her office! After my cleanse, I felt like a whole new (and healthier) person. I also appreciated how she worked with my schedule and her daughter even saw me when she was out of town once. Thanks so much, Karen!


Nature's Reckoning: What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out.

In August, on Friday the 13th, I got this insane idea that I wanted to do a "Body Cleanse/Body Detox".  My thoughts were that I had never really done a complete Body Cleanse and that it could do a Body good.

You see, I'm a Baby Boomer, and I'm fast approaching (or perhaps I'm already there and don't know it or better yet won't admit it...) middle aged-ness.  My thoughts were that I should give my "old body" a good head start as I enter into my Golden Years.  Honestly, I am truly having a hard time admitting that 60 is just a few short years away...

But back to the story...I decided that if I was going to do a Body Cleanse/Detox, that I was going to do it the right way.  I was going to enlist the assistance and guidance of a Health Care Practitioner.  Notice I don't say an M.D. as this is I suppose somewhat of a New Age-y type of thing.  A Holistic type of thing to be more exact.